Our main aims are:

  • optimal solution for special requests
  • customer satisfaction
  • quality

Our activities include the piece - deliveries, the complete machinery and electrical deliveries, as well as the turn-key projects including the project, civil engineering parts and engineering. As the turn-key projects we realise deliveries of filtration and flotation stations, pump stations and water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. We deliver our products to final users and also business organisations. We carry out analyses of water samples in our laboratory and consequently we propose the technology design according to operation conditions of the equipment, according to the results of the laboratory tests and especially according to the requests of our customers.

A large quantity of our satisfied clients cover plants in power industry, paper mills, rubber plants, chemical and food industries, and last but not least, water and wastewater treatment plants.

We can provide you with the detail information about dimensions and parameters of our products according to your inquires, with reference lists of our deliveries to the Czech Republic, or abroad, containing all the range from our piece deliveries, filter stations, technology water treatment plants to the turn-key delivery of the communal wastewater treatment plant.

Our deliveries are complete with the equipment mounting, staff training, the pilot operation and complete tests, according to the type of delivery.We provide also with guarantee and after-guarantee repairs. The equipment has been delivered by INKOS for several years, both to the Czech and foreign markets, respectively.

The headquarters of INKOS in the Czech Republic can be found in its own area in Brno - Černovice, Vinohradská 76.


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