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Pressure microfiltration

The principle of pressure filtration uses, both for filtration and for filter sieve cleaning, the working pressure in the pipeline. The flow of liquid through a filter baffle and the mastering of its resistance is made by a overpressure in the inlet part of filter sieve. The pressure filtration is used with an advantage for filtration of great flows of liquids, especially industrial cooling and process waters.

Power production filtration of cooling water
additional water filtration in closed cooling systems
filtration of wasch water and sealing water
Chemistry filtration of circulation solutions
filtration of cooling water of machinery and equipment
Metallurgy filtration of percess water in production processes
filtration of cooling systems of blanst furnaces
filtration of water for bearing and rolls cooling

See pressure microfilters FILTROMAX TMF.

Atmospheric microfiltration

Atmospheric microfiltration is applied for very fine filtration of great water volumes before their next usage. The MICROFILTR OD is used for microfiltration of cooling water circuits, additional water of closed cooling systems, process water in energy production, rubber and chemical industry, paper mills, or very fine filtration of wastewater.

Atmospheric MICROFILTR OD is fitted into channels, or pipelines with free inlet and outlet. The necessary overpressure, to master the filter sieve resistance, is reached by means of a water level difference in front of the sieve and behind the sieve, which increases with the sieve clogging. The impurities caught on the sieve are sucked away by a sucking pump. The MICROFILTER OD does not require to create an overpressure in the pipeline by means of a pump, thus the energy consumption of atmospheric microfiltration is low.

Power production filtration of cooling water
Rubber industry filtration of oiling water
Textile industry filtration in technological process
Paper industry filtration of reversible process water

See atmospheric microsieve filters MIKROFILTR OD and MIKROFILTR OS.

Sand filtration

Sand filtration is carried out on the principle of volume filtration that is consisted in flowing of carrier liquid through the porous barrier. Dispersed parts are caught inside the free sand bed, total volume of bed is during the filtration stable. As the sand filter bed is used wash quartz sand without clay. The advantage of sand filtration is easy sand bed regeneration and low costs in the case of sand bed changing.

Sand filters can be constructed as open with continuous or periodic operation or pressure filters with periodic operation.

Sand filters are used for process water filtration in industrial operations, in paper mills, in wood processing plants, in chemical plants, in mining and metallurgy.

Sand filtration is traditionally used for potable water treatment and for surface and service water treatment and in wastewater treatment plants.

Water recycling process water filtration in paper mills
process water filtration in chemical operation
process water filtration in mining and metallurgy
Water treatment

portable water treatment
surface water treatment
service water treatment

See sand filters PRESSAND, PFO and VIVASAND.