The substance of the flotation process is to separate suspended solids from the liquids using of physical separation that means to disperse fine gas bubbles within a liquid. Dispersed gas particles attach to insoluble particles and bring them to the water surface. The application of this method means a considerable intensification of the wastewater purification.

Flotation is used in modification of ores, in food industry, paper mill industry, in processing of coal dust, in refinery and in chemical industry. The flotation way of dewatering and separation of the suspension is used as well for wastewater treatment and for adaptation of potable water. Firm INKOS produces two types of flotation equipment : rotary flotation equipment SUPRAFLOT LC and jet flotation equipment MAXIFLOT LC.

Advantages of flotation usage:

  • The only reliable method of separation of suspended solids with very low sedimentation rate
  • Flotation rate is higher then sedimentation rate, at the same flow the surface of the flotation equipment shall be four or six times smaller then the surface of sedimentation tank
  • The process of flotation is controlled and it is possible to adapt it to changes of the entry conditions
  • Flotation enables to use shallow tanks, sedimentation tanks have to be ten to fifteen times deeper
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